The Root Cannel Filling

A trip to a dental can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be so. Among many incapable, there are some who really excel in their jobs, just as in any field. One place I can trust to be good is the Primrose Dental. Thats where mum wanted to get her root-cannel-filling done for one of her tooth.

While we asked for Dr. Prasad Amarathunga, as for my understanding the proprietor of the facility, a former dean of the Faculty of Dental Science - University of Peradeniya, we were given Dr. Wimalarathne. He is a good dentist.

We were told that the root cannel filling would take 5 day. Additionally if we wanted to put up a crown we will need to have 2 more days. Since we are from Colombo, he said he will try to finish the root cannel filling in 3 days.

In practice, it took a little longer. We had to come 4 days to complete the root cannel filling.

The root cannel filling involves drilling through the roots to destroy it. This is done under anesthesia so it doesn’t hurt. Then metal shafts are added and x-rays used to determine if the whole root has been cleared of the nerve. Then it is filled up and finally a permanent filling placed.

Since the root has been destroyed, the tooth will loose strength. This makes it fragile and may break off in the future. To avoid this, we can use a crown. The crown will cover the tooth protecting it from what you bite.

To facilitate the crow, the tooth is cleared all around reducing it to a stem. Then a temporary crown will be placed to protect the tooth until the permanent crown is prepared.

We will be going in one weeks time and hopefully it will be the last.

It is a pain to keep the mouth open for so long for so many days. But a tooth is important.

The whole process would have cost us about Rs. 35,000 ~ 40,000.

Hapuarachchi Math Sir Passed Away

Teachers are the reason why you are, where you are. One of my bellowed teachers Mr. H. A. S. Hapuarachchi passed away yesterday.

He was the teacher in charge of my class Grade 13 M1 (for Maths). He was a good teacher, but I wasn’t the best of students. He would always say “Ziyan…” in a very unique way when he catches me not concentrating. I would give him math question in return just to inconvenience him…

I wish I had a chance to meet him after leaving school.

This is the second funeral notice I am receiving today.

I wish he attains nibbana.

Aunty Bandare Passed Away

It is with sorrow that I announce, Mrs. Bandara Manike (aunt Bandare) - from Vilgoda Kurunegala passed away last night. She was admitted to the General Hospital Kurunegala the day before.

I know her as sweet aunt. She is always cheerful and greets every one with a smile. She has bravely fought a battle with cancer for 16 years.

She would not miss the opportunity to visit some one. That is specially true if they are ill and they could use company. She visited my aunt Kitty when she was bed ridden and uncle Azzam when he was in the Kurunegala General Hospital.

Mum and my self planning to be there Friday early morning.

We hope her attain nibbana.

The Must Haves - Drivers Edition

Even if you are the most obedient driver, you will one day get stopped in the road, that guy today was my self. This is a list of what you must have when you drive in Sri Lanka.

  • License
  • Insurance
  • Original or the certified copy of the book (registration)
  • Original of the revenue license (photocopy not sufficient)

I have had a drivers license for 12 years but have been driving for much longer. I drive great distances and am capable of maintaining discipline in the road. With all that… Today 2 cops stopped me about a 3rd of the distance from Kurunegala to Colombo, for no apparent reason.

I had all but not the original revenue license. I actually keep it in the car, but this morning I took it out to make a photocopy as the one I had pasted in the windshield had fallen. While I stuck the new photocopy in the windshield I had forgot my original on the photocopy machine.

They were like “We are going to write a ticket, because we can”. After appealing to their humane nature I was able to walk away.

Make sure, you keep your originals in the car, to avoid the embarrassment.

CodeIgniter ColdFusion Mixup

I have had my fare share of embarrassing mix-ups in my life. The best one would be the day I applied to a ColdFusion job thinking that it was a CodeIgniter job in my early days at oDesk/UpWork. I went through the interview process and got selected. Unknown language and an urgent fix for a live e-commerce website, how more fun can life get?

I knew I was in trouble the moment I opened the project in the editor. I was just starting been a full time freelancer and a bad rating would have been catastrophic at that stage, so I improvised.

I was perfect with HTML, CSS, JavaScript so I started on those issues first while every 30 minutes I would take a break and do some reading on ColdFusion. By the second day I had enough to challenge the CF code base, and that is what I did.

Bugs were resolved and the website was fine again. We also worked on some features.

Surviving an unknown language, which they clearly knew, probably landed me on Ruby with the same client. I worked for the next 2 years with Ruby based technology. Among one of the projects is the transition of the CF e-commerce website I worked on to Ruby on Rails using Spree E Commerce platform.

That website is Buttercup Cake Shop.