The Expanse Saved

The Expanse is Saved! I would like to make this an opportunity to thank Jeff Bezos, the guys at Amazon, The Expanse family and the other fellow fans for getting Expanse another season.

The first season of the Expanse was not very special. I almost dropped from the show. But over time the show improved. This improvement was clearly visible in Season 2. It is in this time I fell in love with Chrisjen Avasarala (played by Shohreh Aghdashloo) and Roberta (Bobby) Draper (Frankie Adams) and the spy Cotyar (Nick E Tarabey). I also started to like Amos (Wes Chatham).

Season 3 was a shocker. It was as perfect a good story could be. I was hoping to see Chrisjen be the Queen (Sec Gen) of UN and Bobby and Cotyar by her side. Cotyar died and Bobby is in a MCRN ship. I should have known better. May be that is why E06 wasn’t as appealing to me as the previous 5.

Syfi cancelled the show. They have a habit of cancelling good shows and continuing shit stories.

The Expanse team (specially Cas Anwar) and the loyal fan base have convinced Jef Bezos and Amazon to pick up the show.

It is great news! God Bless Amazon! You earned a customer!

The Expanse - S03E06 - Immolation

Lot of things have been happening in The Expanse universe. In one end, the show has been cancelled by SyFi. Us The Expanse fans are hoping another TV would pick it up and bet is on Amazon. In middle of all the struggles in the present day came a great episode happening in the 24th century in The Expanse universe.

The Crew Saves the Mei & Other Children

The show starts with our stars breaking in to the research facility positioned in Io (a Jupiter moon) owned by Jules-Pierre Mao to save Mei, the daughter of Prax. To buy time, the scientists release a Protomolecule hybrid. Bobby engages the hybrid to buy time for the team to save the children. That is when my favorite line of the episode took place.

Concerned Chrisjen Avasarala (Deputy Undersecretary of Executive Administration of the United Nations) tells her “Bobby, don’t be an idiot. This won’t bring back your dead marines.” and she replies “Ma`am, for the first time in your life, please just shut the fuck up”. Damn, I love this girl! Chrisjen had it coming!

In the early days I favored Holden, but now Amos & Alex are my heros. When Prax goes to kill the scientist researching with the children, Amos stops him saying “you are not that guy”… then turns to the doctor and says “but I am…” and splatters his brains all over the airlock. Damn Amos!

Errinwright in trouble

I have been conflicted about Errinwright (Undersecretary of the United Nations). I think he is a good guy. It is unfortunate that he is in a resource deprived planet, doing his best to keep her competitive and secure in the face of an advancing Mars. In the other hand Secretary General Gills is a spineless politician.

However Chrisjens revelations about Errinwright killing Martian defense minister takes its toll on him. He goes down putting one hell of a line about the Sec-Gen…

Hybrids Heading to Mars

Behind all that Admiral Nguyen fired the hybrid pods to mars. The Roci emptied its PDC rounds trying to destroy them. Both UN and Martian ships fired on them too. One hit the UNN Arartha King. Many die and some get infected and go nuts.

In an attempt to stop the Protomolecule getting control of a UN flagship and possibly contaminating more, one of my favorites, Cotyar, dies detonating the nuclear fuel by turning off the magnetic containment. Just before that Alex and Naomi are able to turn on the transponders of the missiles heading to Mars. Naomi gets Fred Johnson (Belter) to shoot them down with the Nukes he stole from the UN.

The Protomolecule Rise

The show comes to an end with Holden and Naomi kissing and hugging, Fred Johnson nuking the Protomolecule hybrid pods… While it seemed a victory for a moment then came Venus. A structure emerges from Venus making Amos respond “What the fuck is that”.


Damn! It was one heck of an episode and congratulations to all the crew.

I hope the SaveTheExpanse campaign bares fruit and we get to see an awesome show survive at least another season.

God bless you all! - I am disappointed!

I was interested in getting a paint remover. Searching online, I found some thing good on MyDeals. Without hesitation I created an account logging through Facebook and placed an order. I decided to pick it up from the store as I was in a hurry.

Lack of communication

I checked my mail and there were no emails. I checked the order and stated no sign that it was ready to pickup. To confirm I gave a call to the help line 4 times. I was greeted by a message. I choose both Sinhalese and English but neither options gave me to a handler.

Pickup by 3rd party

Since I was busy today I sent a guy working for me to pick it up with a printed receipt. He was told that he can’t take the item. He gave me a call and I talked to a girl. They had an issue giving the item to a different person. I told the girl to give me a call to my cell and that I will confirm to give it to the guy in the store. She said they don’t do it and that I had to send them an email. One problem is that the Facebook login created an account with an email I don’t use. During the conversation I got pissed and told “Get me your bloody manager”. I am sorry for hurting her feelings, but I was pissed about their inability to answer a phone or send emails.

Then they gave me a call, asked for my ID card number, and gave the item to my guy.

Step up your game!

MyDeals guys need to step up their communication. The most important aspect of business is communication. Send an email when an order is placed. Send an email when the order is ready. Does it cost a nickle to send an email?

They have to understand not every one is free to pick things up in person. If a 3rd party has a printed receipt, they can confirm by calling the customer to hand over the purchase to the bearer of the receipt. Don’t need to have a pissed off customer to do it.


I still think Sri Lanka is not ready for e-commerce. There are many people who have complained about rough edges and difficulty to procure purchased items in Sri Lankan e-commerce. I hope they step up the game. Until then, I will be visiting stores.

Japan Bus Strike - Learn Sri Lanka

A group of Japanese bus drivers in Okayama are on strike requesting improved job security. Unlike in our great Sri Lanka, the Wonder of Asia, they didn’t cripple the public by not running their routes. Understanding the inconvenience to the general public, they settled to do their jobs as usual but refusing to charge customers for their rides.

If this was Sri Lanka, things would be drastically different. Not just in an area, the brainless, heartless and honorless shitheads would have crippled the entire country. They don’t care about the people. How ever, the same shit heads will should when the doctors are on strike.

What are doctors problems… there are a lot…

  • Taxation
  • Car permits
  • Prevent private education
  • and many more…

And what do they say they strike for… “Save health care”… My ass!

Yah… this is Sri Lanka and here we are in quite literally a “pathetic state”

SLT Free Fiber To Home (FTH)

The Internet keeps me connected with friends, family and work. The latter since I am a freelance software engineer working at home. During the New Year season Thilini from SLT Kotte called me and offered a fiber connection for free with on hidden fees on a Wednesday. I was very busy and only got free time to go to SLT to sign documents on Friday. Today was the day I got to enjoy 100 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink for the first time in my personal life.

Special Mentions

I would like to thank every one involved in general. Some honorable mentions would be…

  • Thilini - the girl who reached out to me
  • The lady in blue T-shirt who seemed to be in charge of Thilini
  • Manuja Galgamuwa (fiber contractor) & his team

What I plan to do

ADSL in 2008 was primarily used for education and entertainment. I have grown old such that even some of the best TV and Movies seem boring to me. I am interested in making video content in domains DIY and IT. I want the quality to be high, starting at FHD.

So yah, I am going to benefit of the 50 Mbps uplink to upload content I create. FTH uplink is 5 times of what the previous downlink was, damn :D !.

My history with ISPs

  • DialogNet (Dialup: 2000)
  • EWIS (Dialup: 2000)
  • SLT Net (Dialup: 2002, ADSL: 2008, FTH: 2018, currently my primary ISP)
  • Mobitel (GPRS: 2005, 3G: 2008, 3.5G: 2011)
  • Etisalat (3.5G: 2016) (currently my fallback ISP)